The Warman School exists counter to every other school. We are not a school. We are a group of people who gather. We share with each other. There is no hierarchy in the Warman School: we guide and are guided. No credits are offered. Nothing must be completed or achieved to be considered a graduate of the Warman School. 


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LA Warman founded the Warman School after graduating from UMass Amherst with an MFA in Poetry. During her time at UMass she taught three years of writing courses to college students and underwent in depth teacher training with the UMass College Writing Program and various mentors. After leaving an insitutional setting she began teaching independently with her first sections of Write the Erotic Body offered in Brooklyn, NY. Demand grew and she began teaching online classes to students in LA, Berlin, London, and around the globe. All classes are taught based on the Warman Method, which takes influence from Audre Lorde’s “Use of the Erotic”, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, meditation practices, empathy with limits, and non-hierarchical models of teaching. This method utilizes exercises to exit the critical mind and reach an empty zone where the self can pour words. Through the coursework, students gain access to a practice that will reveal a truer self voice that exits convention. The Warman School hundreds of graduates, most who would not consider themselves to be writers before the course! 


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Warman School was founded in 2017

with assistance from Elaine Kahn.


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